Should Ives Be Apple CEO Instead of Cook?

by Christopher Paul on January 23, 2013


Not even close.

Not ever.

This Forbes article suggesting that Ives, Apple’s head designer, should take over as Apple’s CEO is ridiculous. I almost didn’t mention it because I loathe to give such drivel pageviews. But… it’s out there and The Loop covered it.

The idea that Jobs and Ives are closer to Apple’s guiding principals than Cook could be true. But it was Jobs’ vision that really propelled Apple. It just happened to have great design, engineers, developers, and supply chain managers. That’s not to say that Cook or Ives can’t (or don’t) have great vision. But there’s no reason to scuttle a solid ship with only the slightest hint of rough seas.

Jobs’ role of CEO, in my opinion, was to provide direction on where to steer the ship. He didn’t helm the tiller, he didn’t tack the sails. He did, however, shout out his orders to those who could do those tasks the best. There is no reason to think Cook can’t do the same.

Perhaps Cook, Ives, and the rest of Apple’s senior management have to come together to find a point to sail towards. They’ve been working very well for years so there is no doubt they can’t create the next “magical” thing. And I’m confident they’ll find that point and get their safely with a boat load (sorry to keep using the sailing puns) of money along the way.

via The Loop

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