Grand Central Turns 100

by Christopher Paul on January 31, 2013

Grand Central Terminal opened on February 2, 1913. To celebrate, some merchants are rolling back the prices on their goods and services to what they were charging 100 years ago. They’re doing this tomorrow, February 1 since it’s the closest weekday.

I’m going to get my 5¢ coffee and 6¢ rye bread and head over and get a 10¢ shoe shine. I might even try to pick up a 10¢ watch strap.[1]

I hear that Apple is running a special promotion of not selling anything.[2]

Grand Central has a great website with a list of activities going on to recognize the anniversary.


  1. Though I think pocket watches were more in style, then.  ↩

  2. Not really but it would be funny if they sold gramophones or telegraph equipment.  ↩

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