On The Rumored Retina iPad mini

by Christopher Paul on January 31, 2013

Stephen Hackett on the rumored A5X chip for a new Apple TV and what he thinks it could be for: the (rumored) iPad mini with Retina Display

He questions how battery life, PPI, size, and weight would change should Apple release such a device (we all assume is coming but don’t know when).

One thing is want to add to his reasons and why I think it’s possible to keep the same form factor even with a Retina display: the smaller screen would need less backlight than the larger screen so it would also affect the battery life. I wonder if it has a greater affect on battery than the CPU.

So I’m very hopeful the next mini will be a Retina display model. I just wonder how Apple will price it and what happens to the non-Retina iPads.

Can the iPad start at $199 and compete with Amazon? I think so.

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