SpareOne Plus – AA Battery Operated GPS Cell Phone

by Christopher Paul on January 8, 2013

I’ve talked about SpareOne before. I’ve considered getting these phones for my father-in-law and my grandmother – who don’t need much out of their cell phones. They run on regular AA batteries, can keep a charge for years (so they say), and allow free calls to the US’s national emergency call system, 911.

At this year’s CES, they announced the SpareOne Plus which adds GPS support. It’s a great and intelligent addition to a phone that could be given to children and the elderly and, if it’s unfortunately needed, can be used to help track down the missing. An iOS app is coming to help locate SpareOne Plus users.

After Hurricane Sandy, I thought about getting two of these since I had plenty of batteries but no power to charge my iPhone. Now that they’ll have GPS support, I think getting these are no brainers.

h/t TUAW

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