The Upcoming Coffee Apocalypse

by Christopher Paul on January 10, 2013

6:30 AM seems like an appropriate time to post this…

Matt Alexander took one for the team on this one. He noticed a post by Alex Balk at The Awl which linked to an article at the New Scientist on how coffee trees as we know them could be extinct in 65 years. Since I’m not going to register like he did, I’m going to quote Matt:

Although the headline is slightly alarmist, there does appear to be a significant climate-related threat to Arabica coffee. Should ecological trends continue unabated, that specific strain of coffee will go extinct within the next 65 years.

But Matt, being the panicking kind, read that crossbred zombie coffee trees will be created to deal with global warming and climate change. I wonder what it will be called on Foursquare: Coffeepocalypse? Cafepocolypse? Hell?

via Matt at OneThirtySeven

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